10.10 Shopping Festival:
Celebrating the consumer while supporting the retail industry

About 10.10


WHAT IS 10.10?

10.10 is a US-based shopping festival centered around revitalizing the hard-hit retail sector while strategically keeping the consumer at the core of its objectives.



We are an alliance of retailers that have joined forces to provide consumers with special perks in order to incentivize early holiday shopping, increase consumer engagement and provide givebacks to philanthropic organizations while decreasing the pressures on the supply chain this holiday season.


WHY 10.10?

Shopping Festivals have an impressive track record of success. Since inception, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day and JD.com’s 6.18 have both grown exponentially and Coresight Research projects that Amazon Prime Day’s GMV will grow by 50% this year. We expect 10.10 to experience this same rapid growth. For more information on Why 10.10 Click Here and for additional details on shopping festivals Click Here



For our inaugural event, Coresight Research has partnered with Shopkick and Fashwire to expand the consumer base and offer flexibility for our retail partners. For more information on how to participate Click Here


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There are three ways retailers and brands can get involved:

10.10 Shopping Festival invites retailers to partner independently with 10.10 to promote their own websites, mobile apps, social media pages and other properties. For more information, please contact 1010Festival@coresight.com
  • 10.10 allows retailers to extend their own special offers while reaping the benefits of the retail alliance.​
  • Participating retailers can feature the 10.10 logo in your marketing materials
  • We encourage retailers to provide a special offer to consumers and a donation to one of the participating charities
For more information on how to sign up to participate please email: 1010Festival@coresight.com

Fashwire is a global marketplace providing over 300 fashion designers from more than 30 countries vital insight into consumer buying patterns by providing instant, targeted user data and feedback on the popularity of current collections and future products. A source of global fashion intelligence, the Fashwire platform delivers a truly unique shopping experience by improving fashion discovery and awareness by using Artificial Intelligence to personalize the customer experience based on known preferences.

Fashwire has partnered with 10.10 and is extending a special offer for its 300+ brand partners to be part of the festival. Additionally, Fashwire will donate 50 cents per download of the Fashwire mobile app to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For more information on how to get involved via the Fashwire platform, please contact valeria@fashwire.com

Shopkick is a leading shopping rewards app that, in partnership with brands and retailers, leverages its own currency called “kicks” to reward its high engaged audience all along the path to purchase.

Consumers can earn kicks for engaging with in-app content, walking into a store, scanning products in the aisle and making purchases either in store or online.

Shopkick has partnered with 10.10 and is extending a special offer for brands and retailers to be a part of the festival. Shopkick’s omnichannel platform is proven to drive incremental foot traffic, increased basket size and sales.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact partners@shopkick.com


For more information on Why 10.10, please read our recent research:

Coresight Research, Shopkick and Fashwire Introduce the New 10.10 Shopping Festival.

The 10.10 Shopping Festival is a US-based shopping festival that will take place October 9–12, 2020. 10.10 Shopping Festival will offer a gamified retail shopping holiday experience with shopping deals for shoppers, while driving traffic and pulling forward holiday shopping for retailers.  10.10 Shopping Festival will be powered in part by Shopkick’s rewards-based shopping app. Fashwire, an online fashion-discovery platform and marketplace, will enable up-and-coming fashion brands to take part in 10.10 Shopping Festival on its website and mobile app.

The Global Shopping Festival Landscape: The New 10.10 Shopping Festival in Context.

The 10.10 Shopping Festival, scheduled for October 9–12, 2020, is a new US-based shopping holiday designed to help retailers engage with consumers and drive brand awareness while encouraging early holiday shopping and thus alleviate supply chain pressures associated with the significantly higher online holiday shopping demand expected this year. Shopping festivals can generate a fear of missing out among consumers with limited edition products and brands and retailers should use shopping events to deepen customer engagement and maintain/heighten visibility.

The 12 Weeks of Holidays: #2—The Global Shopping Festival of 10.10 Festivalizes Holiday 2020.

  • This year, the new 10.10 Shopping Festival will be held on October 9–12, kicking off the shopping season, followed by Amazon’s Prime Day on October 13–14. These events look set to pull forward holiday shopping, helping to alleviate supply-chain pressures—especially in the fulfillment of online orders amid surging demand.
  • The 10.10 Shopping Festival is a global shopping festival powered by Coresight Research in partnership with Shopkick and Fashwire. The festival is inspired by Alibaba’s Singles’ Day, which generated sales of over $38.4 billion in 2019. A hallmark of the 10.10 Shopping Festival is its charitable aspect—it offers retailers and consumers the opportunity to give back.

Weinswig’s Weekly: The New 10.10 Shopping Festival To Kickstart the US Holiday Shopping Season.

  • Amazon has announced that Prime Day will take place on October 13–14 in the US, the UK and 17 other countries.
  • Discount grocery retailer Aldi has committed an investment of $1.7 billion to upgrade stores and distribution centers in the UK by 2022, creating 4,000 new jobs as a result of 100 planned new store openings.
  • Singapore-based supermarket chain Giant will cut the prices of nearly 650 daily essentials by 20% for six months, as customers are concerned about the cost of living during the pandemic.

Three Things You Need To Know: The New 10.10 Shopping Festival.

  • Launching America’s Singles’ day
  • Alleviating logistics bottlenecks
  • Gamifying Holiday Shopping

10 Things To Know About the Perfect 10 Shopping Festival: Coresight Research Launches the Global 10.10 Shopping Festival.

  • The inaugural 10.10 Shopping Festival will take place on October 9–12, 2020, when participating retailers will offer deals and rewards to consumers.
  • The 10.10 Shopping Festival represents a significant opportunity for a new shopping event in the US that will engage consumers, drive brand awareness and spark a revitalization of retail.
  • The festival was invented as an occasion for consumers to shop, have fun and give back.

10 Takeaways from the 10.10 Shopping Festival, a New, Global, Charitable Shopping Event

  • The success of the inaugural 10.10 Shopping Festival was reflected in the retail industry’s participation, collaboration and support.
  • The new shopping event engaged consumers, drove brand awareness and helped spark a revitalization of retail ahead of the holiday peak.
  • The nearly 100 retailers and brands participating in the 10.10 Shopping Festival reported increased brand awareness, store traffic and revenue.
  • Charitable giving is a key differentiator of the 10.10 Shopping Festival; consumers earned rewards while they shopped, and donated reward dollars to participating charities. The 10.10 Shopping Festival amplified charitable giving at a time when donations are needed the most.


Hear our 10.10 Shopping Festival. How Retailers Can Jumpstart Holiday Shopping with Coresight Reserach, Shopkick and Fashwire from 9/16:
September 16, 2020

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