A sneak peek into 10.10 partners and non-profit organizations 

New York, NY, September 21, 2021 – Coresight Research will host its second annual 10.10 Shopping Festival on October 10, 2021, from 10am to 10pm EDT in partnership with livestream shopping platforms, CommentSold and Smartzer, and 1:1 live video co-shopping platform, GhostRetail. This year, Coresight Research has joined forces with Access Beauty Insiders to bring more beauty brands, especially indie brands, to 10.10 to generate discovery and excitement.  “I am super excited to be able to bring indie beauty companies alongside major national retailers and brands to they can connect with more consumers, gain first hand insights into live streaming best practices and connect with leading technology providers. Increased event awareness will be amplified through promotion from all participants with the goal of bringing more viewers to the festival site to generate more transactions with the ultimate objective of raising more funds for the leading non-profit organizations being featured.” Stated Daniela Ciocan, CEO of Access Beauty Insiders. 

10.10 Shopping Festival features a prominent charitable aspect so that consumers and brands can collaborate on making a difference as participating retailers and brands are donating at least 5% of sales to partner charities. Consumers increasingly choose where they spend based on the social/ethical/cultural values of retailers and brands. In a recent Coresight Research proprietary US shopper survey, 60% of US shoppers state that a retailer’s or brand’s social impact is important when making apparel and footwear purchases, making the charitable giveback of 10.10 a solid plus for all participating in the event. The charities included this year include American Heart Association, Delivering Good, National Breast Cancer Foundation, PinkAid, Retailers United, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Soles4Souls. 

The festival this year is focused on accelerating US consumer adoption of livestreaming. Livestream platforms boast superior consumer engagement and significantly reduced return rates versus ecommerce generally, providing retailers with significant opportunities for enhanced profitability. According to a Coresight Research survey, 39.7% of consumers shop in livestreams for a great deal, 38.2% to discover new products, 36.6% to learn more about new products, and lastly 30.7% because the buying is exciting. 

Deborah Weinswig, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, said, “Livestream shopping has grown from a zero to a $300 billion industry in China in a very short period of time. We are very confident that the US market will reach what we are seeing in China, and the 10.10 Shopping Festival will enable retailers and brands to test and learn and grow this commerce segment. Compared to 2020, Coresight Research estimates that livestreaming e-commerce penetration in the US will more than triple by 2023, representing huge growth potential.” 

While beauty companies have been overall more embracing of new technologies including live streaming, this festival provides a structured platform for indie companies to join a live stream alongside major companies.  Ric Kostick, co-founder of 100% Pure / Purity Cosmetics says” As an early adopter of live stream shopping and seeing its global success, I’m excited to help drive wider adoption across the US while giving back along the way.   What better way than host a charity driven festival on a fun date like 10.10! “  

To introduce the US market to livestream shopping and give retailers and consumers alike the opportunity to explore and test the channel, Coresight is partnering with Commentsold, Ghost Retail and Smartzer, platforms used by global brands and retailers to make their livestreams and videos shoppable, on the 10.10 Shopping Festival. 

“We are excited to be part of an event that is bringing together indie innovators and Industry leaders utilizing live streaming to engage with consumers in a meaningful way and share our unique brand stories “ according to Celeste Hilling, founder of Skin Authority.  

Participating Beauty Brands  

100% Pure 

Auda B. Beauty 


DefineMe Fragrances 

High on Love 

May11 Hair 

My Skin & CO 

Organic Apoteke 

Purlisse Beauty 

Shielded Beauty 

Skin Authority 

Sonage Skincare 




To participate in the 10.10 Shopping Festival or for more information on the event, visit http://1010shoppingfestival.com/. 

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Coresight Research is a research and advisory firm specializing in retail and technology. Established in 2018 by leading global retail analyst Deborah Weinswig, the firm is headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Lagos, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mangalore (India). The firm provides data-driven analysis and strategic advisory to clients including retailers, brands, enterprise technology companies, accelerators and more. In addition to being renowned for its breadth and depth of research, Coresight Research is known for its expertise in the China market, helping clients with market entry and cross-border e-commerce strategies. Coresight Research is also known for its Innovator Intelligence platform, consisting of a vast network of technology entrepreneurs that it actively cultivates through events, mentorship, and regularly updated report coverage. For more information, visit www.coresight.com. 

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Access Beauty Insiders, is a specialized company whose proven 360-marketing approach achieves guaranteed deliverables for emerging direct-to-consumer beauty brands looking to scale quickly.  Unfiltered Experience recognized by Bizbash as BEST INFLUENCER EVENT OF 2019/2020, is produced and organized by Access Beauty Insiders as a first-of-its-kind next-generation event engineered to drive value and industry innovation, as well as revolutionary creative collaborations among retailers, distributors, and influencers. CEO and founder, Daniela Ciocan is an award-winning beauty leader, actively involved in the cosmetics industry, serving as a board member for CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) and IBA (Independent Beauty Association).  Daniela provides regular content to B2B magazines and thought leadership insights to national media outlets such as VICE, Forbes, Yahoo News and NewBeauty. www.unfilteredexperience.com 

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